Dan Mohler is coming to Griner Church

February 23-25

Friday evening – 6:30 PM

Saturday Morning – 9:00 AM

Saturday evening – 6:30 PM

Sunday morning – 10:00 AM

All are welcome to come for a time of encouragement.

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10 Responses to Dan Mohler is coming to Griner Church

  1. Jennifer Byler Hines says:

    I’m asking for more information on the services
    With Dan Mohler ,
    Is it a conference? Revival? Are there any costs to attend ?
    And what hotels are close
    By as I and and least two others want to come !

    • rwindiana says:

      More of a revival. No cost. There is a Hampton Inn in Middlebury, but most hotels will be in Goshen or Shipshewana. Will be glad to have you there!

  2. Julie Arndt says:

    Do you know if the emphasis of the meetings will be on healing or other topics?

    • rwindiana says:

      I’m not sure what the main topic of the meetings will be. I can try to find out and let you know. Check out our Facebook page as well, as there may be more information and updates there. 🙂

    • rwindiana says:

      I just asked Marion, our Missions Leader, and he is not aware of what the specific topic or focus will be.

      • Julie Arndt says:

        Thanks so much for checking! We hope to come Friday and Saturday either way, but wanted to give others an idea of the focus of the weekend if known. Bless you!

  3. Joshua Miller says:

    Any concerns about the flooding in the area? We’re coming from ohio and will be staying about 5 miles sw of the church

    • rwindiana says:

      There may be some roads closed and some flooding in Goshen, though overall travel shouldn’t be too restricted, as far as I know. Hopefully conditions will also be improved by Friday.

  4. Kristen says:

    Can we access recording of Dan’s sessions?
    Thank you!

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